Tips & Tricks for a Self-Taught Programmer

Are you a self-taught programmer? Or do you want to become one? Being a programmer is one of the best jobs you can get on the market nowadays. There are plenty of jobs and they are all high salary. However, being a developer is a really hard job, it requires a strong problem-solving sense and hard work in front of a screen all day. If you are like me and don’t want it to be a job, but still want to know some languages so you can play around with different languages and create your own stuff, you are in a good place. This post is about tips and tricks on how to progress and have fun as a self-taught programmer.

Create a path and set goals

Creating a path is the most important part of the learning process. If you just jump into it without really knowing what you are doing, it can become confusing really fast and you can easily get lost. Programming is a really deep world and there is a lot of stuff attached to it. An easy way you can follow a path and set goals is by following a structured tutorial on websites like Open Classroom, who offers courses about differet subjects. Through the course, it will create a customizable path and set goals for you to follow throughout your learning process.


To get good at something, the key is to practice. Everything you do in your life needs practice, from driving a car, to playing hockey, to… coding. There is an old saying that you need 10 000 hours of practice in something to get good at. Coding is no exception. There is a lot of tweaks and different options in coding and you want to make sure you master all of them because it is what can differentiate a average to a great website or app.

Share your work!

As a self-taught coder, it is important to share your work. It is not your job, you don’t have a boss looking at everything you are doing. By sharing your projects, you allow yourself to have other people, who are self-taught like you, or even professionals to help you improve and give you advice on how to add new features that could improve your app in general.

Alright, you are ready to begin your journey as a self-taught programmer!

Happy surfing!