Being Smart With Online Shopping

Being able to sit in front of your computer and buy everything you want! Seems magical right? Well, you will be surprised to learn that most people don’t do it right! Online shopping is one the greatest thing that happened to the internet. It is safe (in most cases), fast, and you can find everything. However, people buy without really looking if they are getting the best service and price. Internet shopping is not like going to the mall, there is a lot of websites that sell the same item, but at different price. It is really important that one looks at all of his options before buying an object, he could be missing on great deals. There are multiple apps that will do the job for you. I personally use Wikibuy. Wikibuy will compare all the different prices of an item that you find on Amazon to make sure you get the best price. You can also search items on Wikibuy database.

Also, make sure that website you are buying from offers good price for shipping, you don’t want to pay more shipping than the item price itself, it would be really unfortunate. Adding to that, you want to read the website’s terms and services to make sure you can get a warranty or a return policy if anything happens with the item you bought. It is also a good option to shop on websites who offer protection, it might be a couple bucks more, but it protects you for hackers and fake sellers.

Remember, think before you buy!

Happy surfing!

Tips & Tricks for a Self-Taught Programmer

Are you a self-taught programmer? Or do you want to become one? Being a programmer is one of the best jobs you can get on the market nowadays. There are plenty of jobs and they are all high salary. However, being a developer is a really hard job, it requires a strong problem-solving sense and hard work in front of a screen all day. If you are like me and don’t want it to be a job, but still want to know some languages so you can play around with different languages and create your own stuff, you are in a good place. This post is about tips and tricks on how to progress and have fun as a self-taught programmer.

Create a path and set goals

Creating a path is the most important part of the learning process. If you just jump into it without really knowing what you are doing, it can become confusing really fast and you can easily get lost. Programming is a really deep world and there is a lot of stuff attached to it. An easy way you can follow a path and set goals is by following a structured tutorial on websites like Open Classroom, who offers courses about differet subjects. Through the course, it will create a customizable path and set goals for you to follow throughout your learning process.


To get good at something, the key is to practice. Everything you do in your life needs practice, from driving a car, to playing hockey, to… coding. There is an old saying that you need 10 000 hours of practice in something to get good at. Coding is no exception. There is a lot of tweaks and different options in coding and you want to make sure you master all of them because it is what can differentiate a average to a great website or app.

Share your work!

As a self-taught coder, it is important to share your work. It is not your job, you don’t have a boss looking at everything you are doing. By sharing your projects, you allow yourself to have other people, who are self-taught like you, or even professionals to help you improve and give you advice on how to add new features that could improve your app in general.

Alright, you are ready to begin your journey as a self-taught programmer!

Happy surfing!

What is Adblock and How Does it Work?

Have you ever watched a video with a 3-minute ad? Pretty boring isn’t it? Here’s how to get rid of it.

First things first, what is an ad? An ad is a short video, or a banner advertising your brand or company on different websites. It can be on facebook, youtube, twitch, whatever social platform you use. It is mostly personalized to your interests. They achieve that by using cookies. We already went over them in the other post. On platforms like twitch and youtube, those ads can be skipped after watching a certain amount of time of it. These ads generate money for the person you are watching. But if you are someone like me, you only care about yourself and you don’t care that you are giving someone a salary watching those ads. Are you still reading? If yes, then I have the perfect app to help you get out of those ads forever.

This simple app is called Adblock. The name pretty much explains what this app is all about. It allows you to block any source of ads on any website. It saves you a lot of time and a lot of lag. However, this app is intelligent and if there is someone you really like and want to see get a salary, you can unblock some website, or video makers to make sure you watch only their ads.

This app is obtainable on the chrome web store, so make sure you are using Google Chrome. It is listed as a free app, but there is a paid version for it. The paid version will allow you to have a more complete filter list, adding certain websites and non-intrusive ads.

Note: To block ads on certain youtube channels only, you will need the paid version.

Happy surfing!

What are Cookies and What Do They Do?

So you like cookies? Everyone does, but the cookies I am talking about today are way different and can be scary to people who don’t know anything about them, I am here today to try to explain and calm the game a little bit.

So what is a cookie? Basically, a cookie is a small file containing data about the user who just entered the website. It is totally legal and the even ask you when you get on the website if this is okay with you. The cookies allow them to not overcharge their web servers with data. From there, everything is normal, websites are just trying to save their servers and save time to the user. It is in no way affecting your privacy. You can access your different cookies in your web browser and delete them as you wish. Cookies also have a lifetime determined by the website it is coming from. Where it gets a little bit shady is when we are talking about tracking cookies.

Tracking cookies are exactly what the name is saying, they are taking the data stored in the cookie and they are tracking it. That is mostly when you go on Facebook after an intense online shopping session, you will see ads from the websites you were on a couple of minutes ago. They are taking the data from the websites you have visited or items you have shopped for and send them to some third party website that generates ads that suits your interests better. The shady part is that instead of sharing that data, some website will sell it and make money off your back.

Cookies can be deactivated, in your browser. But in most cases they are harmless, my recommendation would be to leave them up, but keep track of your cookie list and make sure that before you accept that a website takes off data from you, you read their terms.

You can access your cookie list by going to your settings and then go under “Content Management” and then “All cookies and site data”.

Happy surfing!

How to Create, Manage and REMEMBER your Passwords!

Have you ever gotten an email warning you that someone attempted to log in to one of your accounts? Pretty scary, eh? I know I did. Getting those email can seem pretty scary at first, but this needs to be your first alarm on when to change your passwords. If you are like me, you don’t have a big memory for passwords and creating different passwords for every website can be challenging. We will get on how to remember your passwords later, let’s start with the beginning: creating your password!

Creating a password always was stressful for me, should I generate one? Should I type one that I know? Let me tell you this, your password needs to be the longest possible. You don’t need to write a novel, but you get the point, these websites aren’t playing when they say “8 characters minimum”, it’s painful, but that’s what you have to do to protect yourself. One easy trick is to hide sentences in your password. They are not easily guessable and pretty easy to remember:

  • G2_TH3_ST0R3 (Going to the Store)
  • ExOdUs$3:15=8 (For you catholic folks)

You get the point?

So, now that you have to great passwords, you might be looking for a way to remember them and manage them, well look no further, I have the solution for you! Remembering all your different passwords for all your different websites can be really hard. I personally had that problem for a long time before I started using a password manager. These apps are totally private and help you manage your passwords for your websites. I personally use Zoho, it is a great app that stores your password from everywhere, it is also the cheapest one on the market at 12$.

Managing your password has a price, but it is really worth it.

Happy surfing!