What is Adblock and How Does it Work?

Have you ever watched a video with a 3-minute ad? Pretty boring isn’t it? Here’s how to get rid of it.

First things first, what is an ad? An ad is a short video, or a banner advertising your brand or company on different websites. It can be on facebook, youtube, twitch, whatever social platform you use. It is mostly personalized to your interests. They achieve that by using cookies. We already went over them in the other post. On platforms like twitch and youtube, those ads can be skipped after watching a certain amount of time of it. These ads generate money for the person you are watching. But if you are someone like me, you only care about yourself and you don’t care that you are giving someone a salary watching those ads. Are you still reading? If yes, then I have the perfect app to help you get out of those ads forever.

This simple app is called Adblock. The name pretty much explains what this app is all about. It allows you to block any source of ads on any website. It saves you a lot of time and a lot of lag. However, this app is intelligent and if there is someone you really like and want to see get a salary, you can unblock some website, or video makers to make sure you watch only their ads.

This app is obtainable on the chrome web store, so make sure you are using Google Chrome. It is listed as a free app, but there is a paid version for it. The paid version will allow you to have a more complete filter list, adding certain websites and non-intrusive ads.

Note: To block ads on certain youtube channels only, you will need the paid version.

Happy surfing!